Yiwu Warehouse

Our features

  • Additional services available: palletizing, repackaging, and labeling of goods
  • Provides photos of ordered goods whenever you need
  • Prompt delivery and customer service
  • Improved Scalability and Increased Adaptability
  • The right place for temporary or long-term storage
  • Quick response online assistance


Distribution Centers in Yiwu China

Distribution Centers in Yiwu China

Whenever you need a huge capacity for your product to be stored, Distribution Centers is the right option! Typically, distribution centers can also be called a fulfillment center or a bulk break center. Due to it’s larger area it allows the movement of products fast, quick and flawless. You can ensure that you store your goods in the right place. A reliable warehouse that provides fast processing of large quantities, with physical security and access requirements. Distribution centers in Yiwu are cost-effective to rent in and can vary greatly based on what kinds of goods are being stored.

Cooperative Warehouses in Yiwu China

Cooperative Warehouses

If you are a small business owner searching to have your own warehouse storage but are limited by your funding, Cooperative Warehouses is another option for you to consider. Cooperative Warehouses are suitable if you have strong connections with other small business company owners seeking for a location to store their products. With any of your perishable goods, let us find Cooperative Warehouses for your business that ensure the safety of your cargo, and minimize transportation costs.

Public Warehouse in Yiwu China

Public Warehouses in Yiwu China

A perfect warehouse for some smaller businesses or companies simply cannot afford the price of a private building and to maintain it. The rental service is open to anyone interested to store their goods such as exporters, importers, wholesalers, government agencies, manufacturers, etc. In order to better encourage the development of trade, Public Warehouses in Yiwu provides a one-stop service such as consolidating your cargo, packing, labeling, trucking, customs brokerage, etc. A license from the government is required to start such warehouses. Public Warehouses in Yiwu is the most favorable space of the warehouse to optimize transport costs. Let us find the best warehouse options for you.