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Reliable China Buying Agent with 12 years experience, helping you import from Yiwu or China easier and faster. One-stop service: Yiwu Market Products Sourcing, Yiwu Market & Factory Guide, Yiwu Warehouse, Freight Forwarding, Drop shipping etc. We do everything helping to buy from Yiwu China.

Yiwu Sourcing Agent

What is a Sourcing Agent

A sourcing agent is a person or agency that represents a buyer to source products, and buy products that are out of the buyer’s reach. Sourcing agents or sourcing companies play an important role in international trade.
Traditionally, a sourcing agent is only to source suppliers for his client. Now, the services provided by sourcing agencies include selecting the right supplier, making price negotiations, following up production, quality control, product compliance and testing, shipping, etc. It’s not said that sourcing agents or companies are due to provide the full range of services. The work scope depends on the agreement reached by both sides.

What is a Sourcing Agent

Why Us?

  • Competitive price for wide range of products.
  • No Risk Free Sourcing No Hidden Fee. We’ll provide a Free detailed product quote before order.
  • Free warehousing 30 days, consolidate your goods from different suppliers.
  • Get best shipping rate, shipping on time.
  • Personalized one-stop solution: Custom Design, Custom Packing, Custom Logo, Custom Label etc.
  • A complete after sales service.
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Yiwu Market

Why Yiwu Market?

Yiwu is located in the middle of Zhejiang province, China, close to the 2 big shipping ports, Ningbo and Shanghai. Yiwu Market, also known as Yiwu International Trade City, is the world’s largest small commodities market according to the World Bank. There are more than 75000 different booths of suppliers keep updating all kinds of products.

  • 2.1+ Million Products
  • 6.4+ Million ㎡ Business Area
  • 75,000+ Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • 210,000+ Visits Per Day
  • Sold To 200+ Countries and Regions
  • 3,000+ International Logistics Enterprises
  • 18 International Shipping Giants
  • 8 Central European and Central Asian Liners

Who Needs A Sourcing Agent?

Save time, save money, save cost

People who have no experience in importing

If you have no experience in importing and do not understand Chinese suppliers, Sourcing Company can help you and handle all the steps such as product sourcing, pricing negotiation, quality control and logistics management. With the help of the sourcing company, you will have nothing to worry about.

People like large retailers, supermarkets who have multiple product categories to deal with

If you are looking for 20 types of products, you need to contact at least 200 suppliers and verify them. Verification of suppliers is a lot of work and requires in-depth understanding of multiple industries. In this case, the sourcing company can complete the tedious work more efficiently.

Small Businesses

Small business usually has not established a purchasing office and QC team in China. Due to time difference and cultural differences, it cannot manage the supply chain in a timely and effective manner, especially in response to emergencies. Sourcing company can serve as a powerful complement to its supply chain management team and become its eyes and ears in China.


Startups need an overseas supply chain team to help find reliable suppliers to promote the progress of the project and find manufacturers in China with high quality and good prices. Sourcing company can perfectly meet the needs of its overseas supply chain team. Sourcing company has a complete organizational structure, and its engineering team can exceed the capabilities of a single sourcing agent.

How Can We Help You?

As a export agent, we help you buy from Yiwu or China easier & simpler with our One-stop Yiwu Market Sourcing Agent Service .

Products Sourcing

We search the most suitable supplier and product for your needs, provide you with the best price. If you have a supplier in China, we also can help you negotiate price with supplier.

Personalized Customization

We can provide any customized services, such as OEM, ODM, packaging design, logo printing, factory audit, collect sample, etc. Further enhance your competitive advantage.

Quality Inspection

We will check the quality of the product before shipping and take photos or videos for reference. If there is a problem, we will notify the supplier and negotiate a solution.

Free Warehouse

Collect and manage products from different suppliers to our warehouse before shipping.

Cargo Consolidation and Logistics

Choose the most suitable shipping method for you, optimize your import cost. Support Less Container Load.

Customs Clearance Service

We offer flexible payment terms. Insurance service is also available to meet our customers special needs. Prepare necessary import & export documents for our customers. “AA Grade Company; Credit Export Company.

What We do?

Product Sourcing

Find the particular area and suppliers where are full of your target products.

  • Factory Audit / Inspection
  • Sample Collection & Test
  • Price Negotiation
  • Production Supervising
  • Quality Control
Product Sourcing
Product Development

Product Development

Be your dream maker, we always welcome new ideas.
We are your 1st guide to analyze the cost justification and process feasibility for advanced manufacturing solutions.

  • Product Idea Analysis
  • Mechanical Drawing
  • Sourcing The Best Partner
  • Prototyping
  • Price Optimization

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